Canary Audio & Video Tapes, Compact Disks

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Cassette Tapes and Compact Disks

Chicago Champions American Singer tutors
Chapter 6 AS Club, 70 Highview Dr., Yorkville, IL 60560
$10.00 for 60 minute stereo cassette tape

DRAGON Song Tapes These are 60-minute cassettes of winning American Singers from the 1980's. Cost is $10.00 each, postage included within the USA. Money orders preferred for faster service. There are two tapes available: DRAGON tape 1 or DRAGON tape 2, specify which one you want, or order both for $20.00. Make your check or money order (U.S. funds) out to DRAGON and send to this address:

DRAGON, Chapter 22
2259 Charms Ravine Dr.,
Wixom, MI 48393

Human whistling of traditional tunes accompanied by music (great for getting canaries to start singing!) Also has bird training CD for teaching birds to whistle, designed for parrots, but some canaries can mimic so might be useful if an American Singer show adds back the old "tune whistler" division.

VHS Video Tapes

Canary Breeding (Jessie Durkin, Alberta Riedel, and Judy Snider discuss their methods of breeding American Singer canaries) Send $21.95 (includes postage) to:
Dragon Chapter 22, 2259 Charms Ravine Dr., Wixom, MI 48393

You Tube

You can also search You Tube for "canary song training." Some of the birds posted there are better than others, notice the throat extensions while the birds sing. Most of the recordings are poor, the cameras are hand-held and shaky, there is often background noise. View as many as you can to find good song examples.

Not all the birds on You Tube videos are properly identified. Many are called American Singers that do not sound like the birds typically in an American Singer show. So don't believe all the titles or the posted comments. Rather than suggest a particular video, watch several to learn how to notice the differences. Practice evaluating the canaries on You Tube and you will be better prepared to select your own bird!

There are also instructional videos on You Tube, search for "banding canaries" "breeding canaries" and any other topic you want to learn about. Again, realize that not all advice is universal or applicable to you, watch several before trusting any of them.

If you know of other canary recordings, please send the information to:

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