Canary Audio & Video Tapes, Compact Disks

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Cassette Tapes and Compact Disks

Rocky Mountain Singers
Specify American Singer or Waterslager tutors
$10.00 for 90 minute cassette tape
$12.00 for endless loop cassette tape
$15.00 for 74 minute CD
Make check or money order payable to: Bill Summers
Send to: 5537 Galena Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80918-2203
Please add $5.00 for foreign shipment by money order in US funds.
For more information, send him email at:

Chicago Champions American Singer tutors
Chapter 6 AS Club, 70 Highview Dr., Yorkville, IL 60560
$10.00 for 60 minute stereo cassette tape

DRAGON Song Tapes These are 60-minute cassettes of winning American Singers from the 1980's. Cost is $10.00 each, postage included within the USA. Money orders preferred for faster service. There are two tapes available: DRAGON tape 1 or DRAGON tape 2, specify which one you want, or order both for $20.00. Make your check or money order (U.S. funds) out to DRAGON and send to this address:

DRAGON, Chapter 22
2259 Charms Ravine Dr.,
Wixom, MI 48393

Songs of the Western Waterslager CD
$15.00 includes shipping. Payable to WWC. Send to Western Waterslager Club c/o Darrell Horst, 43 Third St., Woodland, CA 95695 or order online at:

Seller's description:
The rich diversity and unique sequences of vocalizations make this one of the most rewarding collection of waterslager songs. Bird breeders will find these recordings invaluable for training purposes. These pleasing and happy songs are entertaining for anyone who appreciates nature and avicultural vocal performances. The quality of this recording is outstanding!

American Waterslager Society
Send $10.00 for tape and $3.00 for special envelope and postage. Make check out to American Waterslager Society. Mail to Tom Trujillo, 7918 Craddock Ave., El Paso, Texas 79915-4810. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery time.

Seller's description:
Each tour is isolated and named for you. You are given a short quiz on the song to see if you can distinguish mainly the two main water tours. Then it continues allowing you to hear waterslagers belonging to AWS members Rosa Pelle and Tom Trujillo. Hearing waterslagers from two breeders allows the listener to realize how different two winning strains are in pitch because of selection resulting from hearing preferences. Another thing to listen for in the 2 strains is how one goes for birds with lots of tour variations and the other tries to impress with depth. The recording is not intended for use as a tutor tape for your waterslagers. It was made with the sole intention of introducing you to the waterslager song.

The Waterslager CD
Cost is $18.00. Send check to:
David Schott, 5210 Proctor Rd., Sarasota, Florida, 34233

Seller's description:
Compilation of recordings of waterslager canaries owned by AWS members taken over 5 years. It has 25 tracks, 48 min. long, digitally edited for very high quality. This CD is instructive to anyone interested in the waterslager song as well as useful as a training aid or those interested in song canaries.

Waterslager Tapes and CD's from Dr. Tacsan
Information on website, international orders accepted.

The Complete Canary Album
Commericial tape or CD of various types of canaries with and without music. Pet Records and Tapes, Box 1571, Mercer Island, WA 98040, phone: (800) PET TAPE

A Song in the Air
Private recording similar to the Complete Canary Album, but without music. Includes a variety of canary breeds, so should not be used for serious song training for show. However, can be used for encouraging pet canaries to sing and to learn variety of canary songs.

Human whistling of traditional tunes accompanied by music (great for getting canaries to start singing!) Also has bird training CD for teaching birds to whistle, designed for parrots, but some canaries can mimic so might be useful if an American Singer show adds back the old "tune whistler" division.

VHS Video Tapes

Canary Breeding (Jessie Durkin, Alberta Riedel, and Judy Snider discuss their methods of breeding American Singer canaries) Send $21.95 (includes postage) to:
Dragon Chapter 22, 2259 Charms Ravine Dr., Wixom, MI 48393

If you know of other canary tapes or CD's, please send the information to:

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