American Singer Canaries

The American Singer is a breed of canary that was developed in the United States. It was originally created in the 1930's by crossing the Border canary with the German Roller canary. The goal was to create the ideal pet canary for American homes. At the time, the tiny German (or "Hartz Mountain") Roller was the common pet canary. However, the Roller's soft song was becoming difficult to hear in the increasingly noisy "modern" household of radios and appliances. Other canary breeds like the Border are bred for appearance not song, and are larger and prettier than the Roller. Combining the two and selectively breeding for several generations resulted in an attractively sized bird with a new sound.

The American Singer Club was started by the founders to promote the breed and establish standards for competition. These birds are judged primarily for their song, but unlike the other breeds of song canaries, there are points awarded for condition and conformation.

The ideal American Singer is 5 3/4" long and should sing a variety of canary song types. Any color is allowed, but most winning show birds are green or heavily variegated. Clear yellow birds are in greater demand for pets, however.

[ Ideal Proportions ] the "ideal" American Singer proportions

For more information about the song of the American Singer canary, see the national organization's web page: Song Information

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