Show Cage Setup
by Ginger Wolnik

First published in the Pacific American Singer newsletter, volume 3, number 3, July 1996.

If you have not used the official American Singer show cages before, be sure to set them up properly. Refer to the drawing in this issue for reference. When you are facing the side with the door, that is the FRONT of the cage. Put food in the LEFT cup and water in the RIGHT cup.

There are three perches per cage, one long and two short perches. The long one goes near the bottom along the front. One end rests on the metal loop inside the solid right side of the cage. The other end of the long perches fits on a wire on the left side of the cage. This perch allows the bird to access the food and water easily. The short perches go from front to back. Put them above the corners of the door. You may need to slide the front of these short perches up a little in order to open and close the door, especially if you use the perches that P.A.S. is selling, (which are wider and tighter than the ones that the manufacturer provides, but they don't wobble.) Once the door is closed, just slide the perches back down again so they rest securely on the horizontal wire above the door.

Line the cage bottom with plain white paper. Do not use newspaper or paper towels. Go to a stationery store and buy a ream of inexpensive copier paper or paper for laser printers. If you have access to a paper cutter (available at some copier places like Kinko's) trim the sheets to 10 ½" by 6 ¾". Use two sheets per cage and change as needed.

(Refer to the Show Cage Care article for instructions on painting and preparing the cage for drinker cups.)

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