Show Cage Training
by Ginger Wolnik

First published in the Pacific American Singer newsletter, volume 3, number 3, July 1996.

Train your birds for the show by leaving them in their show cages for at least a couple of weeks. Some people move them back into a flight cage occasionally, but others just leave them in the show cage the whole time. Cover the show cages with a white bed sheet occasionally. Leave the sheet on for a few hours, but remove the sheet during the day to encourage the birds to sing under the increased light. Move the show cages around to different rooms. Get the birds used to being carried around. Take them for rides in your car. Invite friends to come over and look at them up close. Wear a hat or unusual colored clothing. Be creative in finding ways to condition your birds to accept new situations and strangers. But the best way to condition your birds for a show is to take them to a show! So, even if you are not able to do all these steps for the Capitol City show, come anyway and let that experience train them for the Santa Clara show. See you there!

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