How to Care for your American Singer Canary for the Molting Season
by Freddy Arroyos

First published in the Pacific American Singer newsletter, volume 4, number 3, July 1997.

It's that time of year that our birds go through molting season again. This information is for all American Singer breeders.

How do you note if the birds are molting? When you find feathers on the flight cage floor. Some of the birds will molt fast, some will molt mid-summer or late summer.

What kind of food do you get the birds for molting season? First you get a good fresh seed mix of 60% / 40% roller mix with a protein content of 16%. You can give them song food but not too much because it is fattening for the birds. Fresh water twice a day and a bath, the birds love taking baths. You need to give your birds vitamins and minerals in the water and food. Nekton S is a good vitamin and mineral powder that can be put in water or soft food. Nekton Bio power is for feather to help them come out well. You can give them soft food like egg food. I give them CeDe and put vitamins and Bio in it. Give them greens like romaine lettuce, broccoli, spinach, and vegetables like carrots. For fruit, I give them apples, oranges, corn, pepper, etc.

What if your birds pick each other's feathers? You need to stop them. Try some anti-pick lotion. I put it on the birds that are picked and when the other birds bite the feather, they get a bad taste and they stop pecking each other. Give your birds lots of flying room, put them in a larger flight cage. Put them in a breeding cage, two birds in each cage if you do not have a big cage.

That's all the information I have to help you and your birds have a good molting season. I have had a good breeding season. I have raised a total of 93 American Singers. Hope to see all of you at the shows this year.

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