Border Canaries

Model of Ideal Border Canary
(Courtesy of Border Fancy Canary Club)

The Border is a breed of canary that was developed in Great Britain near the "border" of England and Scotland. It is considered a "type" canary, which means it is bred for appearance, not song or unusual color. There are two types of feather textures, which are called "yellow" and "buff". These correspond to the terms hard-feather and soft-feather, or not-frost and frost, or intensive and non-intensive, in other canary breeds. Accepted colors are yellow ground and white ground. They can be clear, ticked, variegated, foul, or self. Borders sing a loud "chopper" song.

According to the Official Standard of Excellence for The Border Fancy Canary: "The first two essentials of a Border Fancy Canary are type and quality. Without these it is of no use. The general appearance is that of a clean cut, lightly made, compact, proportional, close feathered canary, showing no tendency to heaviness, roughness or dullness, but giving the impression of fine quality and symmetry throughout"

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