American Singer Show Rules
modified by PAS on October 15, 2000
  1. American Singer canaries are not officially registered in this show until the American Singer Section secretary has recorded your entries.
  2. American Singers must be registered an hour before closing the evening before judging, unless special arrangements are made with the American Singer section manager.
  3. Only birds wearing closed, AS bands may be entered and they must be registered under the breeder's name. No purchased, gift, or unbanded birds allowed. No additional bands are allowed on a bird.
  4. Birds wearing this year's bands will be judged in "young" classes. All others will be judged in "old" classes.
  5. The birds will be judged in classes of 5-8 birds with 7 being the preferred number. The judge may grant permission for some classes to have 9 birds.
  6. Standard American Singer show cages must be used. Glass or plastic, clear or frosted cups are allowed, as long as both cups are the same style. Water and feeder torpedo tubes may be used instead of cups as long as both tubes on a cage are the same color. Plain white paper must be used on the cage bottom. When looking at the cage door, food (seed or pellets) goes on the left, water goes on the right, regardless of which side of the cage is solid.
  7. PAS will provide pipe cleaners to secure the bottom tray to the door.
  8. The cage tag must be attached at the center left corner of the cage front (when looking at cage door).
  9. No entered birds to be sold until after the show.
  10. The show staff reserves the right to reject or remove any entry that shows signs of injury, stress, illness, or disease.
  11. Stewards will service birds as necessary. Birds may be serviced by their owners only after judging is completed.
  12. The show staff is not responsible for birds that are shipped to the show. The agent who registers the birds is responsible for them and for getting any awards or prizes back to the owner. It is recommended that such parties put their agreement in writing.

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