Pacific American Singer Shows

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Top 5 winners at 1998 Capitol City Bird Show

The best way to learn about the American Singer canary is to visit a show. These are song trials where the birds compete on their singing abilities. Canaries naturally sing at daybreak, so they can be conditioned to sing for a judge by uncovering them!

American Singers are judged in groups of 5 to 9. Each group is a mixture of birds from different exhibitors. Each bird is kept in a standard show cage with only a show registration number identifying it. In other words, the judge does not know who the bird's owner is. All the birds are kept in a holding room and their cages are covered with a light sheet while waiting to be judged. When it is time to judge a group of birds, they are uncovered and brought into the judging room. They have 20 minutes to sing for the judge, who will evaluate each bird's song. Other people are allowed in the judging room to observe and listen, but no one may enter, leave, or speak during the 20 minute evaluation period. The judge also evaluates the condition and conformation of each bird, but most of the points are weighted toward song quality. After all the birds in the show have had a chance to sing, the top scoring birds are choosen as the winners.

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The Larry Waugh Memorial Quadruple Show will not be held this year due to not enough anticipated entries from our chapter members.

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