Pacific American Singers 2008 Show Results

This page lists the PAS Chapter 29 sponsored show results.
Last updated: December 26, 2008

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Central California Cage Bird Club, Modesto, California
October 25, Liza Horst judged 74 singers, 5 exhibitors
19 old singers, 55 young singers
PlaceBreederClass-CageBand #ColorScorePoints
1Ron MoyB-1017Z060-07BV89.54
2Bryan ChinAA-2050B158-08DV893
3Ginger WolnikB-1002W025-07DV88.92
4Ginger WolnikB-1008G013-06DV88.81
5Ginger WolnikA-1010G027-06DV850
6Bryan ChinC-1018A839-04GF840
7Bryan ChinFF-2055B177-08BF83.90
8Bryan ChinCC-2052B165-07GF83.50
9Ginger WolnikB-1011G038-06OV830
10Ginger WolnikA-1007W030-07WT82.50
Judge's SpecialRon MoyB-1017Z060-07BV  
Judge's Special OldRon MoyB-1017Z060-07BV  
Judge's Special YoungBryan Chin B152-08BF  
1st OldRon MoyB-1017Z060-07BV89.5 
2nd OldGinger WolnikB-1002W025-07DV88.9 
3rd OldGinger WolnikB-1008B013-06DV88.8 
1st YoungBryan ChinAA-2050B158-08DV89 
2nd YoungBryan ChinFF-2055B177-08BF83.9 
3rd YoungBryan ChinCC-2052B165-07GF83.5 

PAS Quad #1, Salinas, California
November 15, Laura Schwanof judged 83 Birds
10 exhibitors
PlaceBreederCage #Band #ColorScorePoints
1Ginger WolnikB-1026G026-06BV90.14
2Ginger WolnikC-1027W025-07DV903
3Stan JonesB-1010X308-07W902
4Ginger WolnikA-1021G048-05BT89.51
5Darrell & Liza HorstAA-2057H058-08GF89.00
6Bryan ChinDD-2004B152-08BF88.90
7Stan JonesDD-2018S136-08OT88.80
8Frank ZuechA-1013Z472-07DV88.80
9Stan JonesA-1009X301-07 88.70
10Stan JonesEE-2019S116-08W88.60
Judge's SpecialBryan ChinFF-2006B158-08DV  

PAS Quad #2, Salinas, California
November 15, Jeanne Pieper judged 83 Birds
10 exhibitors
PlaceBreederCage #Band #ColorScorePoints
1Ron MoyDD-2025A006-08Y924
2Bryan ChinDD-2044B152-08BF91.43
3Frank ZuechC-1011Z384-06YT902
4Stan JonesEE-2019S116-08W89.81
5Frank ZuechA-1013J472-07DV89.60
6Darrell & Liza HorstAA-2057H058-08G89.50
7Bryan ChinFF-2006B158-08DV89.30
8Bob & Judie McGuireBB-2002  89.20
9Stan JonesB-1010  89.10
10Bryan ChinC-1007A839-04GF890
Judge's SpecialGinger WolnikCC-2045A505-08YT  

PAS Quad #3, Salinas, California
November 16, Ron Moy judged 74 Birds
9 exhibitors
PlaceBreederCage #Band #ColorScorePoints
1Darrell & Liza HorstGG-2056H051-08DV92.54
2Darrell & Liza HorstAA-2057H058-08GF923
3Stan JonesEE-2019S116-08W91.52
4Bryan ChinDD-2004B152-08BF91.21
5Bryan ChinGG-2007B165-08GF910
6Bryan ChinCC-2010B177-08BF90.50
7Ginger WolnikAA-2043A564-08DV90.20
8Ginger WolnikEE-2040A508-08GF900
9Bob & Judie McGuireA-1001M172-07WT89.60
10Bryan ChinD-1008 MV89.510
Judge's SpecialGinger WolnikCC-2038A536-08WT 0

PAS Quad #4, Salinas, California
November 16, Don Taylor judged 80 Birds
9 exhibitors
PlaceBreederCage #Band #ColorScorePoints
1Bryan ChinC-1007A839-04GF934
2Frank ZuechC-1011Z384-07YT923
3Frank ZuechA-1013Z472-07DV91.52
4Bob & Judie McGuireA-1001M172-07W89.51
5Ron MoyC-1015Z060-07DV89.20
6Bob & Judie McGuireB-1006B060-06GS890
7Bob & Judie McGuireB-1002M153-07DV88.90
8Ginger WolnikC-1023G027-06DV880
9Ginger WolnikA-1025W005-07OV87.60
10Frank ZuechD-1012Z355-06DV87.50
Judge's SpecialStan JonesEE-2019S116-08W  

Larry Waugh Award for Top Number of Points at the
2008 Larry Waugh Memorial Quadruple Show

(ties shown in alphabetic order of last name)

Bryan Chin8
Ginger Wolnik8
Darrell & Liza Horst7
Frank Zuech7
Stan Jones5
Ron Moy4
Bob & Judie McGuire1

PAS Holiday Show 1, Hayward, California
December 6, Gary Tom judged 53 singers, 8 exhibitors
16 old singers, 37 young singers
PlaceBreederClass-CageBand #ColorScorePoints
1Bryan ChinFF-2036B165-08GF89.04
2Bryan ChinCC-2033B152-08BF88.83
3Bryan ChinAA-2037B177-08BF88.62
4Darrell & Liza HorstDD-2010H058-08GF88.01
5Ginger WolnikA-1011G026-06BF87.80
6Ron MoyA-1001Z060-07BV87.00
7Bob & Judie McGuireB-1006M151-07BF85.00
8Ginger WolnikB-1010G027-06DV84.60
9Bonnie BlackAA-2031U411-08Y84.50
10Ginger WolnikBB-2020A560-08DV84.30

PAS Holiday Show 2, Hayward, California
December 6, Ella Galik judged 53 singers, 8 exhibitors
16 old singers, 37 young singers
PlaceBreederClass-CageBand #ColorScorePoints
1Bob & Judie McGuireB-1004B072-06MV93.04
2Bryan ChinFF-2036B165-08GF92.03
3Bryan ChinAA-2037B177-08BF89.22
4Ginger WolnikB-1010G027-06DV89.01
5Darrell & Liza HorstDD-2010H058-08GF88.00
6Bill SummersAA-2007R391-08GF87.30
7Marian CochranBB-2014C309-08BV87.20
8Bob & Judie McGuireB-1006M51-07BF86.50
9Ron MoyA-1001Z060-07BV86.0+0
10Bryan ChinDD-2034B158-08DV86.00
JSRon MoyCC-2003A020-08LV 0

2008 PAS Holiday Show Breeders Award
Top 6 birds from both shows were rejudged
at the end of the shows by all the participants just for rendition.
Special gift basket donated by Woodland Bird Supply was awarded to:
G027-06, bred by Ginger Wolnik

Santa Clara Valley Canary & Exotic Bird Club show 1, San Jose, CA
December 13, Tad Rykojc judged 51 Birds
PlaceBreederCage #Band #ColorScorePoints
1Bill SummersBB-2007R391-08GF924
2Bob & Judie McGuireA-1007M171-07YT91.53
3Bryan ChinCC-2013B177-08BF90.52
4Bob & Judie McGuireA-1001M155-07GS90.01
5Ginger WolnikB-1014G026-06BF89.50
6Bob & Judie McGuireB-1002M151-07BF89.00
7Bryan ChinCC-2008B151-08GF88.70
8Bryan ChinDD-2009B152-08BF 0
9Ron MoyEE-2015   0
10Bob & Judie McGuireC-1006M172-07WT 0
Judge's SpecialMarian CochranDD-2004    

Santa Clara Valley Canary & Exotic Bird Club show 2, San Jose, CA
December 13, Darrell Horst judged 51 Birds
PlaceBreederCage #Band #ColorScorePoints
1Bryan ChinCC-2013B177-08BF894
2Bill SummerBB-2007R391-08GF873
3Bryan ChinDD-2009B152-08BF86.52
4Bryan ChinBB-2012B165-08GF861
5Ginger WolnikDD-2019A560-08DV85.70
6Bryan ChinCC-2008B151-08GF85.50
7Bob & Judie McGuireB-1002M151-07BF850
8Bob & Judie McGuireA-1007M171-07YT84.90
9Bob & Judie McGuireEE-2005M093-08Y84.80
10Bob & Judie McGuireC-1006M172-07W84.60
Judge's SpecialRon MoyBB-2017A020-08YT  

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