Pacific American Singers 2010 Show Results

This page lists the PAS Chapter 29 sponsored show results.

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Central California Cage Bird Club, Modesto, California
October 30, Don Taylor judged 118 singers
27 old singers, 91 young singers, 8 exhibitors
PlaceBreederClass-CageBand #ColorScorePoints
1Frank ZuechA-1016J472-07DV915
2Jim TiradoKK-2055M410-10Y89.54
3Jim TiradoAA-2045C204-10GF893
4Darrell & Liza HorstJJ-2010A291-10BF88.32
5Jim TiradoCC-2047C209-10MV88.21
6Ron MoyCC-2091H418-10LV88.10
7Darrell & Liza HorstCC-2203A261-10GS880
8Bryan ChinB-1014 GF87.70
9Nopakun OuitayakulFF-2061D909-10OV87.60
10Jim TiradoBB-2046 DV87.50
Judge's SpecialJim TiradoAA-2045C204-10GF  
1st OldFrank ZuechA-1016J472-07DV910
2nd OldBryan ChinB-1014 GF87.70
3rd OldGinger WolnikB-1008A564-08DV86.30
1st YoungJim TiradoKK-2055M410-10Y89.50
2nd YoungJim TiradoAA-2045C204-10GF890
3rd YoungDarrell & Liza HorstJJ-2010A291-10BF89.30

PAS Quad #1, Salinas, California
November 13, Laura Schwanof judged 101 Birds
28 old singers, 73 young singers, 8 exhibitors
PlaceBreederCage #Band #ColorScorePoints
1Nopakun OuitayakulII-2070D904-10W925
2Nopakun OuitayakulHH-2068D890-10OV91.54
3Jim TiradoFF-2006C223-10DV90.53
4Jim TiradoEE-2005M411-10BC90.42
5Nopakun OuitayakulAA-2061M601-10BV90.31
6Nopakun OuitayakulHH-2058M619-10OV90.20
7Jim TiradoAA-2011C221-10BV90.10
8Nopakun OuitayakulCC-2063M606-10DV90.0+0
9Nopakun OuitayakulDD-2064D909-10OV90.00
10Ron MoyA-1017Y247-09W89.80
Judge's SpecialBryan ChinA-1005    

PAS Quad #2, Salinas, California
November 13, Jeanne Pieper judged 101 Birds
28 old singers, 73 young singers, 8 exhibitors
PlaceBreederCage #Band #ColorScorePoints
1Gary TomB-1010Y206-07W93.55
2Nopakun OuitayakulHH-2058M619-10OV934
3Gary TomC-1007Z307-08DV92.53
4Gary TomC-1011A532-09LV922
5Jim TiradoEE-2005M411-10BC911
6Darrell & Liza HorstAA-2051A291-10BF900
7Darrell & Liza HorstD-1024H212-09GF89.80
8Nopakun OuitayakulGG-2067D897-10LV89.60
9Frank ZuechD-1004Z381-08DV88.80
10Frank ZuechAA-2001H246-10DV880
Judge's SpecialNopakun OuitayakulHH-2058M619-10OV  

PAS Quad #3, Salinas, California
November 14, Ron Moy judged 88 Birds
24 old singers, 64 young singers, 7 exhibitors
PlaceBreederCage #Band #ColorScorePoints
1Bryan ChinB-1006D165-08GF944
2Gary TomB-1010Y206-07W933
3Darrell & Liza HorstB-1026H214-09GF92.52
4Darrell & Liza HorstDD-2054A250-10GF92.41
5Bryan ChinC-1027D177-08BF92.30
6Nopakun OuitayakulGG-2067D807-10LV92.20
7Nopakun OuitayakulII-2070D906-10W92.10
8Bryan ChinA-1005D152-08BF91.60
9Nopakun OuitayakulHH-2068D890-10OV91.10
10Nopakun OuitayakulII-2059D907-10MV910
Judge's SpecialNopakun OuitayakulDD-2064D909-10OV  

PAS Quad #4, Salinas, California
November 14, Gary Tom judged 86 Birds
20 old singers, 66 young singers, 7 exhibitors
PlaceBreederCage #Band #ColorScorePoints
1Nopakun OuitayakulHH-2058M619-10OV974
2Nopakun OuitayakulHH-2068D890-10OV963
3Nopakun OuitayakulAA-2061M601-10BV94.52
4Ron MoyHH-2028H401-10GF941
5Nopakun OuitayakulII-2070D904-10W93.50
6Jim TiradoII-2009M410-10Y93.30
7Nopakun OuitayakulII-2059D907-10MV93.10
8Nopakun OuitayakulBB-2062D901-10Y930
9Nopakun OuitayakulDD-2064D909-10OV92.50
10Ron MoyA-1017Y247-09W92.30
Judge's SpecialJim TiradoDD-2004C205-10DV  

Larry Waugh Award for Top Number of Points at the
2010 Larry Waugh Memorial Quadruple Show

Nopakun Ouitayakul

Santa Clara Valley Canary & Exotic Bird Club show 1, San Jose, CA
November 27, Patricia Hartnett judged 81 Birds
21 old singers, 60 young singers, 7 exhibitors
PlaceBreederCage #Band #ColorScorePoints
1Ron MoyDD-2040H407-10O954
2Frank ZuechA-1004Z384-06LV94.93
3Gary TomA-1019A532-09LV94.52
4Nopakun OuitayakulGG-2016D891-10OV94.31
5Nopakun OuitayakulBB-2020B909-10OV94.10
6Frank ZuechB-1002E484-09MV940
7Bryan ChinC-1012D152-08BF93.90
8Jim TiradoHH-2008M413-10  0
9Nopakun OuitayakulAA-2028D890-10  0
10Frank ZuechBB-2002H243-10  0
Judge's SpecialNopakun OuitayakulGG-2025M601-10   

Santa Clara Valley Canary & Exotic Bird Club show 2, San Jose, CA
November 27, Liza Horst judged 71 Birds
18 old singers, 53 young singers, 6 exhibitors
PlaceBreederCage #Band #ColorScorePoints
1Nopakun OuitayakulHH-2026M619-10OV944
2Jim TiradoHH-2008M413-10MV933
3Nopakun OuitayakulBB-2020D909-10OV92.52
4Nopakun OuitayakulAA-2028D890-10OV92.41
5Jim TiradoCC-2012M411-10Y91.20
6Nopakun OuitayakulGG-2016D891-10LV910
7Nopakun OuitayakulHH-2017M632-10DV900
8Nopakun OuitayakulII-2018D902-10  0
9Jim TiradoEE-2005C223-10  0
10Gary TomB-1020Y207-07  0
Judge's Special 1Bryan ChinHH-2053A230-10   
Judge's Special 2Ron MoyC-1009Y247-09   

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