Pacific American Singers 2012 Show Results

This page lists the PAS Chapter 29 sponsored show results.

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Central California Cage Bird Club, Modesto, California
October 27, Ella Galik judged 83 singers
12 old singers, 71 young singers, 9 exhibitors
PlaceBreederClass-CageBand #ColorScorePoints
1Gary TomFF-410J957-12BV95.04
2Bryan ChinFF-366A602-12BV94.03
3Bryan ChinII-173A619-12LV89.02
4Bryan ChinEE-368A600-12BV88.21
5Nopakun OuitayakulAA-370L507-12LV87.80
6Nopakun OuitayakulA-227M619-10OV87.60
7Bryan ChinGG-217A609-12BC87.40
8Bryan ChinJJ-2040A620-12MV87.20
9Nopakun OuitayakulDD-387L510-12LV87.00
10Marian CochranEE-151D797-12OV86.80
Judge's Special 1Marian CochranDD-246D457-12OV  
Judge's Special 2Bryan ChinAA-137A622-12MV  
1st OldNopakun OuitayakulA-227M619-10OV87.6 
2nd OldNopakun OuitayakulA-224D904-10WC83.8 
3rd OldNopakun OuitayakulA-187G767-11O83.6 
1st YoungGary TomFF-410J957-12BV95.0 
2nd YoungBryan ChinFF-366A602-12BV94.0 
3rd YoungBryan ChinII-173A602-12LV89.0 

PAS Quad #1, Salinas, California
November 10, Jeanne Pieper judged 92 Birds
14 old singers, 78 young singers, 12 exhibitors
PlaceBreederCage #Band #ColorScorePoints
1Gary TomDD-2059J972-12MV944
2Quang NguyenGG-2051A947-12GF923
3Darrell & Liza HorstGG-2073E703-12MV91.72
4Gary TomEE-2060J957-12BV911
5Ginger WolnikCC-2003F406-12OV90.80
6Gary TomII-2064G264-11LV90.50
7Gia TrinhFF-2039K911-12BV90.40
8Quang NguyenCC-2047A951-12MV90.30
9Gary TomB-1012 MV90.250
10Darrell & Liza HorstFF-2072E701-12YC90.20
Judge's SpecialNopakun OuitayakulCC-2036 BV  

PAS Quad #2, Salinas, California
November 10, Laura Schwanof judged 91 Birds
13 old singers, 78 young singers, 11 exhibitors
PlaceBreederCage #Band #ColorScorePoints
1Nopakun OuitayakulA-1007M619-10OV92.54
2Quang NguyenGG-2051A947-12GF923
3Darrell & Liza HorstJJ-2076E715-12LV912
4Gary TomA-1011G257-11OT90.61
5Gia TrinhGG-2039K911-12BV90.5+0
6Gary TomKK-2055J953-12DV90.50
7Gary TomII-2064G264-11LV90.40
8Gary TomB-1012 MV90.3+0
9Nopakun OuitayakulB-1006G736-11BV90.30
10Nopakun OuitayakulAA-0234L537-12LV90.20
Judge's SpecialQuang NguyenGG-2051A947-12GF  

PAS Quad #3, Salinas, California
November 11, Gary Tom judged 77 Birds
12 old singers, 65 young singers, 11 exhibitors
PlaceBreederCage #Band #ColorScorePoints
1Darrell & Liza HorstEE-2071E699-12DV94.54
2Nopakun OuitayakulA-1001D890-10OV933
3Nopakun OuitayakulB-1006G736-12BV922
4Bryan ChinFF-2017A602-12BV91.31
5Darrell & Liza HorstGG-2073E702-12MV910
6Laura SchwanofB-1014F782-11W90.90
7Nopakun OuitayakulB-1008M618-12LV90.80
8Nopakun OuitayakulA-1007M619-10OV90.50
9Gia TrinhKK-2044K909-12BV90.30
10Nopakun OuitayakulA-1005D904-10W90.10
Judge's SpecialMarian CochranCC-2025D787-12OV  

PAS Quad #4, Salinas, California
November 11, Ron Moy judged 91 Birds
13 old singers, 78 young singers, 11 exhibitors
PlaceBreederCage #Band #ColorScorePoints
1Nopakun OuitayakulA-1007M619-10OV93.94
2Quang NguyenEE-2049A944-12W93.83
3Nopakun OuitayakulII-2031L524-12OV93.72
4Darrell & Liza HorstII-2075E706-12Y93.61
5Ginger WolnikCC-2003F406-12OV93.50
6Nopakun OuitayakulDD-2037L526-12W93.40
7Quang NguyenDD-2048A958-12BV92.620
8Darrell & Liza HorstBB-2068E690-12DV92.60
9Gia TrinhBB-2046K910-12BV92.510
10Darrell & Liza HorstDD-2070E694-12GF92.50
Judge's SpecialGia TrinhBB-2046K910-12BV  

Larry Waugh Award for Top Number of Points at the
2012 Larry Waugh Memorial Quadruple Show

(ties are in last name alphabetic order)
Nopakun Ouitayakul15
Darrell & Liza Horst9
Quang Nguyen9
Gary Tom6
Bryan Chin1

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