Pacific American Singers 2013 Show Results

This page lists the PAS Chapter 29 sponsored show results.

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Central California Cage Bird Club, Modesto, California
October 20, Nopakun Ouitayakul judged 86 singers
15 old singers, 71 young singers, 8 exhibitors
PlaceBreederClass-CageBand #ColorScorePoints
1Gia TrinhII-2063J394-13WT93.04
2Armando & Luis RamirezII-2027M093-13YT91.03
3Darrell & Liza HorstCC-2021F954-13BV89.52
4Darrell & Liza HorstA-1009E715-12LV89.01
5Gary TomB-1012J957-12BV88.90
6Gary TomB-1010J972-12MV88.60
7Armando & Luis RamirezCC-2030M020-13DV88.50
8Armando & Luis RamirezEE-2032M008-13DV88.20
9Quang NguyenA-1013A944-12W88.10
10Van TrieuCC-2039G407-13BF88.00
Judge's SpecialGia TrinhCC-2066J396-13WC  
1st OldDarrell & Liza HorstA-1009E715-12LV89.0 
2nd OldGary TomB-1012J957-12BV88.9 
3rd OldGary TomB-1010J972-12MV88.6 
1st YoungGia TrinhII-2063J394-13WT93.0 
2nd YoungArmando & Luis RamirezII-2027M093-13YT91.0 
3rd YoungDarrell & Liza HorstCC-2021F954-13BV89.5 

PAS Quad #1, Salinas, California
November 9, Jeanne Pieper judged 102 Birds
21 old singers, 81 young singers, 10 exhibitors
PlaceBreederCage #Band #ColorScorePoints
1Gia TrinhB-1014K911-12BV935
2Armando & Luis RamirezII-2069M019-13Y92.74
3Quang NguyenAA-2041A520-13YT92.53
4Gary TomC-1018G271-11MV922
5Armando & Luis RamirezDD-2064M093-13BT91.71
6Gia TrinhFF-2056J377-13BV91.50
7Quang NguyenJJ-2040A518-13BT910
8Van TrieuGG-2047G401-13GF90.50
9Quang NguyenII-2039A507-13WT90.30
10Darrell & Liza HorstII-2009F952-13DV90.20
Judge's SpecialArmando & Luis RamirezHH-2078M027-13BT  

PAS Quad #2, Salinas, California
November 9, Johan Radius judged 102 Birds
21 old singers, 81 young singers, 10 exhibitors
PlaceBreederCage #Band #ColorScorePoints
1Saoud RihanBB-2022E363-13BF945
2Darrell & Liza HorstA-1004E715-12BT934
3Armando & Luis RamirezBB-2072M055-13LV92.53
4Gia TrinhEE-2055J395-13BF922
5Saoud RihanHH-2028E280-13BV921
6Armando & Luis RamirezHH-2078M027-13BT90.80
7Armando & Luis RamirezJJ-2070M100-13GF90.50
8Armando & Luis RamirezCC-2073M009-13GF90.30
9Saoud RihanB-1011D283-09W90.10
10Saoud RihanC-1009D313-09BV900
Judge's SpecialArmando & Luis RamirezHH-2078M027-13BT  

PAS Quad #3, Salinas, California
November 10, Gary Tom judged 90 Birds
15 old singers, 75 young singers, 9 exhibitors
PlaceBreederCage #Band #ColorScorePoints
1Saoud RihanJJ-2030M880-13BF894
2Darrell & Liza HorstJJ-2010F954-13BV883
3Armando & Luis RamirezII-2069M019-13Y87.52
4Armando & Luis RamirezGG-2067M008-13DV871
5Ginger WolnikAA-2021F131-13DV86.50
6Quang NguyenA-1013A944-12W86.40
7Gia TrinhB-1014K911-12BV86.10
8Gia TrinhGG-2057J379-13BV860
9Armando & Luis RamirezDD-2064M093-13YT85.80
10Armando & Luis RamirezBB-2072M055-13YT85.70
Judge's SpecialGinger WolnikII-2019F132-13OV  

PAS Quad #4, Salinas, California
November 10, Liza Horst judged 92 Birds
17 old singers, 75 young singers, 9 exhibitors
PlaceBreederCage #Band #ColorScorePoints
1Gia TrinhEE-2055J395-13BV934
2Armando & Luis RamirezAA-2081M092-13MV92.83
3Gia TrinhB-1014K911-12BV92.62
4Nopakun OuitayakulB-1002D890-10LV92.41
5Saoud RihanB-1011D283-09W92.20
6Saoud RihanEE-2025E250-13LV920
7Saoud RihanJJ-2030M880-13BF91.70
8Armando & Luis RamirezII-2079M068-13YT91.50
9Van TrieuFF-2046G408-13GF91.40
10Gia TrinhFF-2056J377-13BV91.30
Judge's Special 1Armando & Luis RamirezHH-2078M027-13YT  
Judge's Special 2Gia TrinhDD-2054J396-13W  

Larry Waugh Award for Top Number of Points at the
2013 Larry Waugh Memorial Quadruple Show
Armando & Luis Ramirez14
Gia Trinh13
Saoud Rihan10
Darrell & Liza Horst7
Quang Nguyen3
Gary Tom2
Nopakun Ouitayakul1

PAS Holiday Show, South San Francisco, CA
December 8, Ron Moy judged 90 Birds
17 old singers, 73 young singers, 9 exhibitors
PlaceBreederCage #Band #ColorScorePoints
1Armando & Luis RamirezEE-2015M019-13Y93.54
2Gary TomHH-2035A686-13Y93.13
3Gia TrinhB-1014K920-12DV93.052
4Gia TrinhHH-2055J396-13W93.01
5Van TrieuCC-2060G401-13DV92.630
6Armando & Luis RamirezEE-2025M026-13DV92.620
7Quang NguyenB-1017A944-12W92.60
8Armando & Luis RamirezDD-2004M092-13DV92.30
9Armando & Luis RamirezGG-2027M111-13BF92.10
10Ginger WolnikA-1001F406-12OV92.050
Judge's SpecialArmando & Luis RamirezBB-2022 DV  

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