ASC 2017 Sanctioned Show Results

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PAS Holiday Show, San Francisco, CA
December 2, Ron Moy judged 32 Birds
10 old singers, 22 young singers, 5 exhibitors
PlaceBreederCage #Band #ColorScorePoints
1Ginger WolnikB-1032F953-14OV - Orange Variegated933
2Mark & Robin VioletB-1034J377-16DV - Dark Variegated922
3Ginger WolnikDD-2060F811-17OV - Orange Variegated911
4Ginger WolnikA-1031B780-15OV - Orange Variegated900
5Gary TomCC-2063G501-17LV - Light Variegated890
6Mark & Robin VioletB-1036M204-14DV - Dark Variegated88.650
7Mark & Robin VioletCC-2067J228-17BV - Blue Variegated88.60
8Gary TomBB-2062G504-17LV - Light Variegated88.50
9Gary TomAA-2065G505-17BV - Blue Variegated880
10Ginger WolnikBB-2058F823-17OV - Orange Variegated87.50

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